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Left For Dead

Pittsburgh Organized Crime Scene Described In New Book

By Sal Greco

Trade paperback, perfect bound, 336 pages

Available May 5, 2003  $12.95  Avanti Associates  0-9725557-0-6

CONTACT - Sal Greco - 724-934-5414, email -


From mobster to minister - Joe Bellante's amazing story


From mobster to minister - Joe Bellante's amazing story

Pittsburgh author and tennis player, Sal Greco, has a new racket - organized crime. In his first book, Greco offers a rare inside glimpse of life in organized crime, as it really exists, not the glamorous view from the top, but a grittier view from the underbelly. LEFT FOR DEAD, a true story, is sometimes funny, sometimes tragic, but always real.

Greco was inspired to write the book after meeting Joe Bellante on the TV show, HIS PLACE, where Greco is an actor. Greco told his wife Terri, "Joe fascinated me and had a ton of intriguing stories. He's a good-bad guy with a moral conscience even though he was involved in organized crime."


At age ten, Bellante saw a bookie's dining room table stacked with cash and said to his dad, "I want to do what he does." At twenty, Joe was an enforcer for organized crime in Pittsburgh. His job description, in his own words: "I did things to people." In 1972, at thirty-two, Joe lay in a hospital bed, fighting for his life after taking gunshots to the face from a fellow mobster and being "left for dead".




"There have been a lot of books written about organized crime but never one like this. It is a tale of one man's journey from rebellion to ruin to restoration of his soul. Having known Joe for over 40 years, I can assure the readers that the author has captured the raw energy of Joe's incredible life."  Reid Carpenter - CEO, Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation


"Even when he was on the street, Joe never wanted to hurt anybodyunless they really deserved it. These days, he'll fight for your soul with the same strength that he flexed in the bad old days. He's an American classicthe tough guy with a heart of gold who found redemption."

Joseph Sabino Mistick

Criminal Law Professor

Duquesne University


"We live in a fast-paced, visual society with micro-second attention spans.  Joe Bellante comes from an era before that - when things went unspoken and cameras didn't tag along - but his larger-than-life story is more colorful than anything 'reality TV' could possibly come up with. No staging, no hypocrisy, just the action of one man's incredible life laid bare."

Scott Kerschbaumer - Executive Producer - Chapel Films.

"Humor - tragedy - what a read!"

Carol Kennedy - Writer



"Normally, I wouldn't read anything like this, but after I read a few chapters I couldn't put the book down. I pictured these guys as regular people. It's easy to get caught up in this funny, light read."

Carol Silvis - Teacher, Author


ABOUT THE AUTHOR - Sal Greco and his wife, Terri, live in the North Hills of Pittsburgh. He is an actor on the TV show HIS PLACE on Cornerstone Television. He has been a short story writer, columnist, comedy skit writer and publisher of EXPRESSIONS magazine and SCENE newspaper. Mr. Greco has had numerous articles published in Dynamic Business, Pittsburgh Business Times, Pittsburgh City Paper, In Pittsburgh Magazine and The North Hills News Record. He is a graduate of Duquesne University.


Life is a Road, the Soul is a Motorcycle

A novel by Daniel Meyer

Format: Paperback $16.95 ISBN: 0-595-26990-7

Size: 6 x 9  Pages: 208

Format: Hard Cover $26.95 ISBN: 0-595-65642-0

Size: 6 x 9  Pages: 208


 Other than the pleasure of the ride itself, this trip had been uneventful. That mattered little. I twisted the throttle and laughed as with a surge of power we shot up the long rise in front of us.


Cresting the hill, something caught my eye and I became suddenly alert.


Oh my . . .


My heart raced. Hitting both brakes and downshifting, I steered The Dragon off the shoulder, scattering gravel and dust as I went. I continued braking, pushing the superb machine right to the edge of her performance, and slid to a halt at the very peak of the hill. I had to take two long, deep breaths before I could totally absorb what I was seeing.


Join the author in a series of adventures as he rediscovers what he had known deep in his soul all alongexperience is the purpose, the journey is the destination. 


About the Author:

Daniel Meyer is a pilot, engineer, skier, and above all, an avid motorcyclist with a few hundred thousand miles under his belt. When asked to describe himself, his usual answer is, Im a six-foot, three-hundred pound, blue-eyed Texan; supremely confident and strong as an ox, though I usually don't smell like one.



NopoSan and all other books

By Robert P. Herbst

All books available in Palm Books, E-Books and POD formats.

The twisted story of my four years in the U. S. A. F. in the 1950's. Lots of fun and some stuff I wish I could forget.



by Robert Herbst
Publisher: Greatunpublished ISBN 1-58898-705-1 Paperback 16.99  Ebook 7.99

Description: This is the story of how I met my wife on the Internet, our six months worth of E-mail and my six month visit to her home in Feodosia, Crimea, Ukraine.